Vertical Borehole Design Module

The Borehole Design module enables the user to quickly and flexibly design nearly any type of vertical borehole system. The software calculates results such as the required bore length, the number of boreholes, the inlet and outlet temperatures and the coefficient of performance (COP). With a powerful user interface, GLD makes it straightforward and easy to make changes, conduct "what if" modeling and optimize the final design.

Some of the more powerful features in the Borehole Design module include:

  • Fast, Accurate Prelim Design and Full Simulation Options
  • Powerful and Customizable User Interface
  • Peak, Monthly and 8760 Hourly Analysis Options
  • Fixed Borehole Length and Fixed Inlet Temperature Design Options
  • GridBuilder Module for Customizable and Visual Loopfield Geometry Design
  • Numerous Override Options (non-standard pipe types, BTR values, etc)
  • Coaxial Borehole Systems
  • On Demand "G Function" Calculator For Maximum Flexibility
  • 2D and 3D Color Graphs for Analysis and Communication
  • Simultaneous Comparison of Multiple Designs
  • Customizable Reports

GLD provides designers with an advanced, comprehensive, easy-to-use and customizable engineering toolbox for optimizing ground source heat pump systems. Download a trial now to see why GLD is the #1 geothermal design software in the world.


The U-Tube Tabbed Panel Provides a Range of Standard and Custom Options.


Temperature, COP and kWh results from an hourly simulation on a 60 borehole field.


Temperature results from an hourly simulation.


The GridBuilder Module is a visual tool for any type of custom vertical borefield layout.


A 3D G Function is generated by the program for each borefield layout. .