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Gaia Geothermal

Gaia Geothermal is a world-leading provider of integrated design and performance analysis software for the geothermal industry. Customers across the globe, from architectural and MEP engineering firms to design build contactors, geothermal drilling organizations and academic instituations - including firms that have designed the world's largest and most successful geothermal systems - use Gaia Geothermal software to improve built environment energy efficiency while reducing our collective greenhouse gas emissions footprint.

Since its introduction of the Ground Loop Design (GLD) software in 2000, Gaia Geothermal continues to develop the most comprehensive portfolio of state-of-the-art geothermal engineering design software tools for the global geothermal market.

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The Gaia Geothermal team includes physicists, engineers, software developers, loopfield design consultants, environmental scientists, renewable energy financial analysts, geothermal drillers and geothermal installers. We strive to provide the global industry with the world's most advanced, flexible and user friendly software tools.


The GLD line of software is generally recognized as being the best-of-breed design suite in the global geothermal industry.

Company Initiatives

At present time, Gaia Geothermal has two active initiatives: the first is to provide free, continuing education webinars to our community of users. These webinars are on topics of timely interest and presented by an industry expert in conjunction with our team. The second is to donate a percentage of our firm's annual profits to philanthropic organizations that focus on environmental and global health issues.