The GLD support team provides comprehensive software support to customers as well as general education information (in the form of regular live and recorded webinars and other training materials) to the design community. Our support team has expertise in all aspects of geothermal system design ranging from energy modeling and drilling to life cycle costing and basic and advanced loopfield design strategies. Our goal in support is to ensure that you understand how to take full advantage of GLD to design and install the most efficient system possible.

Our suppor team consists of:

  • Engineers
  • Software Developers
  • Network Administrators
  • Geothermal Drillers
  • Geothermal Installers
  • Energy Modeling Experts

GLD provides designers with an advanced, comprehensive, easy-to-use and customizable engineering toolbox for optimizing ground source heat pump systems. Download a trial now to see why GLD is the #1 geothermal design software in the world.