Life Cycle Costing and C02 Analysis

This Geothermal System Analyzer (GSA) Module is a comprehensive and flexible geothermal Life Cycle Costing (LCC) tool. Based on interviews conducted with engineers, designers, instructors (CGD, IGSHPA, etc) and equipment manufacturers, the GSA module quickly calculates lifecycle and annual operating costs, provides a range of standard economic analyses (simple packback, IRR, etc) and provides reports and color graphs to share with clients. With the GSA Module, designers can quickly demonstrate how their clients will benefit by "going geothermal."

Some of the more powerful features in the GSA Module include:

  • Annual and LifeCycle Fixed and Variable Costs
  • Automatic Analysis of Loopfield and Hybrid Loopfield Designs
  • A Wide Range of Conventional Equipment Options for Comparison
  • Accelerated Depreciation, Tax Credits, RHI and Salvage Value
  • C02 Emissions Savings Calculations
  • Integrated ASHRAE Equipment Replacement Schedules
  • Mechanical Room Construction Costs/Savings Analysis
  • Extensive Customization Options
  • Tremendous "What If" Financial Modeling Capability

GLD provides designers with an advanced, comprehensive, easy-to-use and customizable engineering toolbox for optimizing ground source heat pump systems. Download a trial now to see why GLD is the #1 geothermal design software in the world.


Geothermal lifecycle analyis results are divided into variable and fixed costs.


The module graphically displays resultant costs and savings.


Users can customize incentives according to their needs.


Users can customize subsurface and equipment related costs.