Import Export Capabilities

GLD imports, exports and shares information with a number of software tools in the engineering, architechure and construction industries. This communication enhances and accelerates the design workflow process.

Some of the more powerful import/export capabilities in GLD include:

  • Import of Loads Data from Trane Trace
  • Import of Loads Data from Carrier HAP via CSV Intermediary
  • Import of Loads Data from the IES <VE>
  • Export of Loopfield Design into AutoCAD
  • Export of .idf Files for Integration Into Trane Trace and EnergyPlus
  • Export of .aps Files for Integration into the IES <VE>
  • Export of G Function Files
  • Export of Hybrid and Geothermal Loads Profiles
  • Export of ASHRAE style Life Cycle Costing Analysis Data

GLD provides designers with an advanced, comprehensive, easy-to-use and customizable engineering toolbox for optimizing ground source heat pump systems. Download a trial now to see why GLD is the #1 geothermal design software in the world.


Expor IDF, APS, Hybrid Loads and AutoCad files from one easy interface.