Heat Pump Modeling

GLD includes a preloaded database of well over a thousand heat pump performance curves from a number of leading equipment manufactureres. Water-to-air and water-to-water equipment curves for capacity, power and ground loop and building side corrections (flow rates, temperatures) provide a high degree of accuracy for heat of compression and loopfield performance/length calculations. The Heat Pump Module provides access to all pump data and enables designers to add new pumps as needed.

Some of the more powerful features in the Heat Pump Module include:

  • > 1200 Heat Pumps in Standard Library
  • Accurate Pump Performance Modeling Across Extended Range Temperatures
  • Monthly, Hourly and Average Heat Pump Power and Performance Calculations
  • Pump Curve Testing Function
  • Temperature Out of Range Warnings
  • Automatic and Manual Pump Selection
  • Ability to Analyze Heat Pump Impact on Loopfield Length/Performance

GLD provides designers with an advanced, comprehensive, easy-to-use and customizable engineering toolbox for optimizing ground source heat pump systems. Download a trial now to see why GLD is the #1 geothermal design software in the world.


Heat pump curves are generated from nearly 100 data points.


The test panel enables the user to confirm pump performance.