GLD Documentation

Below please find download links to previous user manuals, getting started guides and the like. The current user manual can be found in the Installed Drive/Program Data/GLDesign/Documentation folder. Also please note that via the final link on this page, it is possible to purchase a print version of the User Manual.

GLD2014 User Manuals

Commercial GLD2014

Residential GLD2014

2014 Residential Getting Started Guide

GLD2012 User Manuals

Commercial GLD2012

Residential GLD2012

2012 Residential Getting Started Guide

GLD2010 User Manuals

Commercial GLD2010

Residential GLD2010

GLD2009 User Manuals

Commercial GLD2009

2009 Commercial Getting Started Guide

Residential GLD2009

2009 Residential Getting Started Guide

GLD 5 User Manuals

Commercial GLD5

Version 5 Commercial Getting Started Guide

Residential GLD5

Version 5 Residential Getting Started Guide

Other Documentation

Heat Pump Data Entry Tutorial

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