Loads Programs

Hourly Loads Data and Trace

GLD can utilize data from a number of loads simulation programs.  Trane Trace is a popular program and can generate hourly loads data.  The Trane Trace program is supported directly by Trane and this information is provided as a convenience to GLD users using the Trane Trace software.  We cannot directly support any questions regarding third party software. 

To generate data after setting up your loads information, go to the “Graph Profiles and Energy” in the Results section of Trane Trace: 

Once there, you can find all kinds of information available on an hourly basis. It will look similar to the screen below.  Make sure that you select the full year (ie. Jan to Dec, days 1 through 31, hours 1 through 24), and that demand is selected rather than consumption.

This will generate the full 8760 data.  Care should be taken when setting up the model and which data points are selected.  As an example, this screenshot example shows the heating and cooling plant load on the screen shot for both Systems 1 and 2.  In this case, System 2 is not geothermal, and System 1 has a gas fired makeup air unit, so these loads will show higher loads than the monthly loads than communicated through the gt# files.  You can select different data points, which depending on how the model has been set, may or may not be better.  All the information is available in the Project file spreadsheet called (Project Name)_Profiles.csv where you have the opportunity to manipulate the data further to put it in the format that GLD requires. The GLD help files will show the necessary format that is required from any program.