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Customer Experiences with GLD Software

GLD is the worldwide leader in ground source heat pump (GSHP) design software.  See what some of our customers have said about their experiences from around the globe:

See a sample of some of the customers that depend on GLD

Geoptimize, Inc. (Canada):

"GLD is game changing software for the ground source heat pump industry and is well worth your while if you work in the industry” 

full review can be found here.

-Ed Lohrenz, Canada


Major Geothermal (USA):

"GLD 2016 is AWESOME!!!!” 

-Terry Proffer, USA

Geothermal International Limited (UK):

"GLD is an excellent package with just the right balance of flexibility, robustness, speed and accuracy. Our market-leading business is based in part on the package and the small team who use it. The speed with which a design can be carried out allows us to do a full design for every new enquiry ensuring that everything we do is based on sound engineering from day one. In this way, many mega watts of system designs are carried out by our team each week. I’ve attached some case studies.” 

-Chris Davidson , U.K.

2RW Consultants, Inc. (USA)

"The software integrates directly with our load calculation software. The program is capable of modeling different parameters quickly and effectively in order to increase productivity with minimizing design errors associated with repetitive data entry. Recently we used GLD to design a new 80,000-sf LEED-certified Gold (pending) Elementary School for Poquoson, located in the Tidewater Region of Virginia. The HVAC system will have over 60 geothermal heat pumps and 144 vertical wells. System design incorporated GLD to maximize energy efficiency while minimizing excess materials, saving fossil fuels and long-term operating costs for the community.”

 - Robert Crowell , PE , LEED-AP


MEP Associates (USA)

GLD was recently used to design Ball State's 4,000 bore geothermal system. This system will be used to heat and cool at least 45 buildings on campus. Utilizing district energy systems pumping a hot and cold water loop, this project has ensured its place among the most intriguing and elite systems ever conceived.

"This project is more than baby steps. We're taking a giant leap here."

-James W. Lowe, PE, Director of engineering and operations at Ball State


The versatility of GLD allows for us to maximize loop field performance. Utilizing the double loop reduced the overall linear footage 15 percent"

 - Jeff Urlaub , PE , President, MEP Associates, LLC USA


Energy Control, Inc. (USA):

"We have a few new geothermal projects pending. The attached list are projects I have been involved with using GLD in the last couple of years.”

-Donald S., PE, CEM, LEED AP


Alteren Energy and Environment S.A. (Greece) :

“I was told that GLD was the best design software tool during my CGD training 3 years ago. It’s my daily tool. I’ve used it on residential projects as well as studies for big commercial projects including hotels and hospitals.”

 - Anastasios Christoforides, Mechanical & Civil Engineer, Greece


BDK Engineering, PLLC. (USA):

"The GLD features are powerful and applicable to my area of work. I have experienced excellent technical support, including information about new building modeling software tools that interface with GLD I particularly appreciate the way the GLD team pursues ways to update and expand the software for cost and load generation. It is a very progressive, adaptable and powerful software tool. A recent project I worked on was a LEED Silver medical clinic in Pueblo, CO. The 28 bore vertical field met or exceeded expectations." 

- Elizabeth Doty, PE, Owner

Geoexchange (Greece)

“I was told that GLD was the best design software tool during my CGD training 3 years ago. Now I am the sole WaterFurnace dealer in Greece and it’s my daily tool. I’ve used it on residential projects as well as studies for big commercial projects including hotels and hospitals.”

 - Christos Bousgolitis, Mechanical & Civil Engineer, Greece


Alvine Engineering (US):

"We have used GLD for a couple of projects to date. The first is a 40 year old elementary school remodel in Des Moines, IA, a 35,500 sq ft remodel with 7,000 sq ft of additions. The existing mechanical systems was replaced with GSHPs. The construction budget was tight and GLD allowed us to accurately design and estimate the costs of the geothermal heat exchanger. The project recently came in below the school district's budget with the geothermal cost included. I have found GLD to be easy to use, to understand and to navigate between different geothermal options. The second project is a 6,000 sq ft child center in Iowa. Again, the project budget was tight but the owner wanted to include GSHPs. Due to unknown geological conditions and a prohibitive vertical test bore, the decision was made to utilize a horizontal heat exchanger under the new parking lot. GLD allowed us to size the horizontal field.” 

-Gary L, Senior Project Manager.

Van Boerum & Frank Associates, Inc. Consulting Engineers(Canada):

"Our firm has used GLD on many projects and found it to be very useful. We have compared the GLD results to results we calculated based upon the method described in Ground Source Heat Pumps, Design of Geothermal Systems for Commercial and Institutional Buildings (Kavanaugh, Rafferty). We found that both methods arrive at similar results giving us confidence in the program. We had a project in Park City, Utah, with difficult drilling conditions. Because we could not get any preliminary thermal conductivity results we had to use some conservative design parameters. After we drilled the first holes we ran a TC test and we were able to easily plug the new results into GLD. We reduced the number of holes based on the new results, saving the owner some of the costs of the ground loop heat exchanger. The system is also a hybrid and we find the GLD hybrid calculations very useful."

-Richard Reeder, P.E. and Principal 

Jeffrey Green Heating and Air Conditioning (Canada):

"I have been very happy with the outcome of my heat losses and cooling loads with GLD. I love the presentation of the software which makes it very easy to explain to customers when I am selling geothermal projects. I can affirm that the knowledge (included in) and the power of presentation of hte product can help sell more properly designed geothermal units in the industry." 

-Jeffrey Green, Canada.


BBA Engineering, P.C. (USA):

"GLD is a must-have tool for an engineering firm involved in the design of geothermal systems. Their online training course is a good, cost-effective solution. We were much more comfortable with field design after the course." 


Beijing Geologic Survey Institute (China)

The Beijing Olympic Forest Park consists of 21 office buildings spread out over an area three times as large as New York's Central Park. Over 55,000 square meters of office space is going to be heated and cooled with a ground source heat pump system designed by GLD. The system consists of approximately 1,500 vertical boreholes.

 - design details supplied by Dr. Shawn Xu, Director, Chinese Chapter, International Ground Source Heat Pump Association


Ground Source Heat Pump Association (GSHPA)

"GLD is the most widely respected design software available."


GLD has thousands of customers in more than 60 countries.  
Some of our many customers include:

  • Axiom Engineers (USA) BMA Geo-Energie Inc. (Canada)
  • CMTA Consulting Engineers, Inc. (USA)
  • Core Source Geothermal (Canada)
  • Cyprus University of Technlogy (Cyprus)
  • Earth River Geothermal (USA)
  • Earth Tech Inc. (Canada)
  • EMC Engineers, Inc. (USA)
  • Engineering Concepts & Solutions, Inc. (USA)
  • FHP Manufacturing, Inc (USA) 
  • Geoxergy, Inc. (Canada)
  • G. Solar Egara, s.l. (Spain)
  • Geoheat, Inc. (UK)
  • Globetrotters Engineering Corp.(USA)
  • Ground Source Systems, Inc. (USA)
  • Hundred Group Co ( China )
  • HVAC Engineering Inc (USA)
  • Ice Energy Heat Pumps (UK)
  • Interface Engineering (USA)
  • Korean Institute of Energy Research (Korea)
  • Larsen Design Group, Inc. (USA)
  • LG Electronics (Global)
  • Major Geothermal Corporation (USA) 
  • Mechatronica SC (Bulgaria)
  • MEP Associates (USA)
  • Misawa Environmental, Inc. (Japan)
  • Mitsubishi Electric, Inc (Canada)
  • MMM Engineering (North America)
  • Morrissey Engineering (USA)
  • Novus Engineering (USA)
  • Ove Arup & Partners Ltd (Global)
  • Paleotherm KFT (Hungary)
  • Potomac Energy Group, Inc.( USA )
  • Professional Engineering Consultants (USA)
  • Recycle Air Technology Group (Cyprus)
  • Rehau, Inc. (Global)
  • Shinsung Engineering Co., LTD (Korea)
  • Siemens Corporation (Global)
  • Sound Geothermal Corporation (USA)
  • Stantec, Inc. (North America) Trane, Inc. (Global)
  • TopSol Co. Ltd. (Korea) Tsitsos Clima ( Greece)
  • University of Iowa WaterFurnace International (USA)
  • Werner Tietjen Consulting Engineers (USA )
  • Universidad de Oviedo ( Spain)
  • U.S. Airforce Institute of Technology
  • U.S. Army Core of Engineers (USA)
  • U.S. Army
  • U.S. Navy