Thermal Conductivity/Response Analysis

The optional Thermal Conductivity/Thermal Response module enables designers to quickly import raw conductivity test data from the GeoCube (a test unit manufacturered by as well as from other test units. The module reads in empirical test data and determines the undisturbed ground temperature, the formation thermal conductivity and the borehole thermal resistance. The module also provides an estimate of thermal diffusivity.

Some of the more powerful features in the Thermal Conductivity Module include:

  • Flexible Testing Period Modeling Controls
  • Automatic Ground Temperature Characterization Option
  • ASHRAE- compliant Flow Rate, Average Power and Power Surge Testing
  • Ground Water Movement Warning
  • Dynamic Borehole Thermal Resistance (BTR) Calculations
  • Color Graphs Integrated into Customized Client Reports

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Displayed results include automatic analysis of factors including flow rate stability.


The module automatically graphs test data for visual analysis.


Bore inputs are critical to borehole thermal resistance and conductivity calculations.


The module also estimates diffusivity.