The #1 Software Suite for Geo Design

Ground Loop Design (GLD) is the leading software suite for designing geothermal ground source heat pump systems. Used in more than 70 countries, GLD is the tool of choice for innovative engineering, design and consulting firms.

{ Unsurpassed Power }

Design power ensures that the system is properly sized and offers optimal performance and efficiency.

{ Exceptional Control }

With GLD, you have total control to customize and modify vertical, horizontal and surface water systems.

{ Accelerated Optimization }

Design, iterate and optimize in only a few minutes. Conduct a lifecycle cost analysis and then you're done.

{ Testimonials }

"The new Piping System Builder in GLD is game-changing software for the geo heat pump industry..."

{ What's New }

Our 10th generation product, includes the Piping System Builder for automatic piping design.

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